How To Start Your Own Blog Today

So are you a food lover? Are you someone who loves to cook and has talent?
Why not share with others this talent? Why not create a Blog about what you love?
It’s very easy, very simple, and very doable!

Don’t wait. Today is your day to start your very own website!

All you need to start is 15 minutes of your time and following this guideline and you will be ready and up and running before you know it.

start your own blog

The 3 Steps to Starting Your Own Blog Today


1) Domain Registration and Hosting

2) Installing WordPress

3) Choosing your Amazing Theme

 1) Domain Registration and Hosting

First come up with the “Domain name”; this is basically where you decide what your website’s name will be.

To do this; Try to come up with as many names and ideas as possible and then pick the shortest and cleanest version. Once you have a name in mind head over to Ipage to see if your website’s name is available or taken. You will also receive a 1 year free domain with the below hosting package.

IPage Hosting

iPage Web Hosting. Free Domain Registration, Free Setup, Free Support — All risk free!

Enter all needed information & Finish your Registration



Purchase the most suitable Package for you. There is a 77% Discount in the offer below from Ipage 

iPage Plan on sale only $2.25 – Unlimited Disk Space, Unlimited Transfer, Unlimited E-mails & Site building tools.


Optional Upgrades




2) Installing WordPress

Once you completed registration with Ipage you would need to install WordPress from the website builder page.

WordPress is simply the best software available to build websites because it’s very user friendly and most themes and plugins are designed for WordPress.

You would definitely need WordPress to have a successful Review website or food Blog online. is powered by WordPress.

Login to Ipage and go to the Website Builder Page and click on WordPress



On the next page choose “Install” button in the “Do it yourself FREE” section to start the installation.



Press the Check domain Button




Check terms and Install



Place your admin URL in the Browser you will now go to your WordPress log-in screen as below, You should now have a username and password for the previous step.




You are now officially logged in your blog.

3) Choosing your Amazing Theme

At this point you should be very excited. !!Congratulations!! you are now an official Blogger and you are on your way to becoming a successful Blogger in the online world.

You are just seconds away from putting all your ideas, recipes, reviews, pictures, and videos into your blog.

But before we start creating your blog, We need to first pick your theme. The way your website looks is just as important as the content that will be placed on it. We highly recommend that you pick a Premium Theme that will make your website standout.

Remember you have a lot of competitors out there and for your blog to be seen by others and become famous you would have to invest in it.

We recommend one of the themes below:

1) Foodie Pro Theme one of the most flexible Genesis themes available

StudioPress Premium WordPress Themes: Foodie Theme

2) Crave Theme A modern magazine style theme that will catch your visitors attention right away

Crave: A modern WordPress theme with appetizing aesthetic

3) Genesis Framework This website is built with the Genesis Framework and it’s highly recommended

Swank Theme: Frame Your Content in Style

There is a lot more themes available from


**Coming soon a Complete Guide on how to monetize your blog**